Gucci Flower, 2017
Gareth McConnell

Sorika_ Gucci_Flower_Gareth_McConnell

AnOther Gucci Flower, 2017
Edition of 10 + 2 AP
Fuji Crystal Archive paper
with matt finish
50.8 x 60.9 cm (20 × 24 in)
Signed, numbered and dated by the artist
Includes copy of AnOther Magazine Vol 2 Issue 6 A/W 2017 and accompanying double-sided A1 poster both signed, numbered and dated to correspond with print.


As part of the six pages of photographs plus double sided A1 poster that Gareth McConnell shot as a special Gucci project for the current issue (A/W 2017) of AnOther Magazine he revisited his acclaimed ‘Night Flowers’ series of 2003-06 (as featured in Vitamin Ph: New Perspectives in Photography, 2009 published by Phaidon, 2009 ‘a critical overview focused on diverse global developments in ‘art’ photography through the work of 121 contemporary artists, who were nominated by 78 international critics, curators and artists.’ 

‘Gareth McConnell’s photographs of his bed and flowers have to be understood with his other work in mind. The motivation and poignance behind the images in “Meditations” (2003-06), “Night Flowers” (2002-10), make little sense if you don’t know McConnell’s shocking and affective images in the series “Anti-Social Behaviour Parts I & II” (1995)—victims of paramilitary punishment beatings in his homeland of Northern Ireland, or IV drug users who were his friends and sometime community. This is true of beautiful things, isn’t it? Beauty is cloying and saccharine when it’s too easily granted.’ Alison Green (originally printed in Vitamin Ph: New Perspectives in Photography)

Gucci Flower Sorika McConnell 003Gucci Flower Sorika McConnell 001Gucci Flower Sorika McConnell 009Gucci Flower Sorika McConnell 002Gucci Flower Sorika McConnell 005Gucci Flower Sorika McConnell 007 Gucci Flower Sorika McConnell 006Gucci Flower Sorika McConnell 008