Ibiza Mistake X, 2008 | Gareth McConnell

Edition of 10 + 3 ap
Inkjet print on Hahnemuhle pearl
30.4 x 45.72 cm / 12 x 18 in
Signed, numbered and dated on reverse

Reworking of an inkjet print mistake of a colour photograph, depicting a young man in his apartment, San Antonio, Ibiza circa 2006. The start of the artists remixing and reworking of his archive, and the genesis of the book ‘Close Your Eyes’. Below a quote from an interview with Sean O’Hagan of The Observer

“In treating my photographs this way,” he says, “photocopying the original colour prints, messing with the contrast, cutting into them, degrading or attacking them, in a sense – it gives them a unity that more readily evokes some of the darker themes I am interested in: the idea of dead or non-time, that space to be endured between the periods of exaltation that occur during the mass communions of dance and drugs.”That, in turn, brings me back to one of my primary interests as an artist: the age-old themes of mortality and aloneness that the subjects are consciously or unconsciously engaged in attempting to overcome and how, in this particular context, that fundamental need can be manipulated, commodified and exploited.”