Solstice Supplication, 2020 | Gareth McConnell

Edition of 27
Inkjet print on Hahnemühle
Ultra Smooth Photo Rag 305gsm
29.7 x 42 cm / 11.69 x 16.53 in
Signed, numbered & titled on reverse

Remembering The Battle of The Beanfield

‘The Battle of the Beanfield took place over several hours on 1 June 1985, when Wiltshire Police prevented The Peace Convoy, a convoy of several hundred New Age travellers, from setting up the 1985 Stonehenge Free Festival in Wiltshire, England. The police were enforcing a High Court injunction obtained by the authorities prohibiting the 1985 festival from taking place. Around 1,300 police officers took part in the operation against approximately 600 travellers.

Dozens of travellers were injured, 8 police officers and 16 travellers were hospitalised. 537 travellers were eventually arrested. This represents one of the largest mass arrest of civilians since at least the Second World War, possibly one of the biggest in English legal history.’** Wiki

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‘Operation Solstice recounts the story of how 420 people were arrested on 1 June 1985 on their way to Stonehenge to hold the 11th People’s Free Festival. Using video footage, the police radio log, photographs and personal testimony to recreate what became known as the `Battle of the Beanfield’
This documentary presents horrifying evidence of the semi-military tactics employed by police as they smashed up travellers’ homes. This portrait provides a good background to what was, at the time, the longest running civil case in British legal history when 24 people sued the police for damages.’
The Observer 3rd November 1991